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Rave Mobile Safety

Subscribe to the City Of North Oaks Emergency Alert system HERE. 

The City of North Oaks uses Rave Mobile Safety system to send emergency alerts and other notifications. Subscribers can register to receive emergency alerts via phone calls, text messages, and/or email.

Examples of messages sent through Rave Mobile Emergency Alert system: 

  • City Emergency
  • Severe Weather Impacts
  • Recycling Issues effecting a large number of residents
  • Water Main Break Issues
  • Crime issues such as Mailbox Theft / Porch pirates

To subscribe to other general City non-emergency communications such as News and Announcements, City Council and Planning Commission meetings and minutes, click HERE.


  • Be Informed: Being prepared means being informed. The more information you have before, during and after an emergency the better the odds of a positive outcome. Understanding the different types of emergencies and knowing what to do will also improve the likelihood of a positive outcome. We've created this site to inform you of the different types of emergencies, to help you make a plan and build a kit to have with you should an emergency arise and help you get involved with the community so that you can assist in keeping yourself safe.
  • Plan: Being caught unprepared and having little knowledge of what to do next can only make a bad situation worse. While it's not most people's favorite thing to think about, planning and preparing for the worse is the best way to improve your odds of a positive outcome. A well-rounded plan includes: How to be ready for any situation, preparing a kit of essential items, what to do in the event of a disaster or emergency, and Learning the emergency places of places you frequent such as place of work, schools, daycares, and shopping centers
  • Build a Kit: A "Kit" is simply a collection of items you may need in an emergency. It may be necessary to have more than one kit such as one for home and one this is more mobile or easy to carry. It's best to build your kit well in advance of any event and have it on standby in a place that's easily accessible. It's possible that you will have to survive on your own following an emergency. It could take a considerable amount of time before emergency or rescue officials will be able to reach out. And it's possible that basic services such as electricity and water won't be available. Having a kit containing your own food and water with enough quantity of each to last at least 72 hours is advised. Supplies such as medicines, flashlights, and tools are important as well.
  • Get Involved: Major disasters can overwhelm first responders. Having a well-informed and trained group of volunteers made up of citizens and neighbors will help get the first responders where they are needed more and ensure a safe homeland. Here is how you can get involved: Volunteer - get trained and volunteer with a Community Emergency Response Team, Medical Reserve Corps unity, and/or Citizen Corps Partner Program or Affiliate Organization.; Connect and collaborate with your local emergency planning group, Citizen Corps Council, or local emergency management agency.; Join or start a preparedness project that will teach others how to prepare for emergencies; Donate cash or goods in times of emergency